McK Designs (pronounced "McKay") is a landscape design consulting service that works with residential clients on Virginia's Eastern Shore to develop a plan that meets their needs while offering solutions that are sustainable and, when possible, inclusive of native and low maintenance plants.  The service includes a Base Map drawing of the garden space that is reflective of the homeowner's preferences and existing features to be retained.  In addition to the Base Map, the Design Plan, which is the final deliverable, includes recommended plant selections with alternatives, a general cost estimate of plant material, an implementation plan and recommended resources.  The client is also given access to the McK Design Idea Book to learn more about gardening guidelines, plant recommendations for this area and other horticultural information.  Read on for more exciting details on what you can expect!

All good designs begin with a workable plan.  And the plan starts with a Base Map which is a drawing to scale of the hardscaping, existing plant material and other static features of the site.  The Base Map evolves to reflect input from the User & Site Analysis phase.

The User Analysis identifies the lifestyle and preferences of the property owner.  These factors play an important role in customizing the design to fit the customer's needs.

The Site Analysis identifies all attributes of the site including walkways, buildings, orientation and other existing features.  It identifies features that can be leveraged to create a pleasurable outdoor experience.

The Design Plan is the project deliverable and includes a completed to-scale Base Map including output from the analysis phase along with "bubble drawings" which illustrate plant placement and recommendations.  Additionally, a minimum of two alternates are provided  for each plant grouping.  Recommended retail sources are also provided.